Graphic Design

Caricature Photo Manipulation

I manipulated this photo of my grandfather as a child using the layer tool. I removed the background from the photo and then created a new layer separating his head from his body so I could manipulate the proportions of his head. I did this using the liquify filter in Photoshop to distort his head size, particularly his forehead size, as well as the angles of his facial features.

Background Photo Manipulation

To practice changing the background of an image in photoshop, I wanted to be creative with my choice of foreground and background images. I began with this one of my brother and I at Disney World, and placed our funny posed image in the more serious context of paintings in the Musee D’Orsay. I did this by selecting “select and mask” for the foreground image, which I cut out of the background image. I then copy and pasted the background image into the foreground image file and re-arranged the layers.

Background Photo Manipulation

I also practiced changing the background in this image. I selected these photos to play with the comparison between the photo of me on the horse and the image of the paintings of horses.

Vector Portrait Manipulation

Another manipulation style I practiced with Photoshop was creating a vector portrait of an image of a person. I selected this photo of my brother when he was younger because I wanted to try to replicate not only how he looks in the image, but the energy of his expression in the photo. This was by far the most challenging type of manipulation for me to practice, as I found it difficult to make sure I was matching the correct colors. It was also a challenge to determine how far to go in terms of replicating various shades with each specific color. I created this image by removing the background of the photo and then using the pen tool to create new layers and fill them in with the appropriate color for each element. I then ordered the layers so they would properly display in the image.

Black and White Re-colorization

This black and white re-colorization was my favorite style of photoshop manipulation. I used this photo of my great-grandfather and added adjustment layers with soft light blend mode for each color I included in the photo. I then used the paint tool to brush in the colors in the appropriate places.

Background Photo Manipulation

I decided that the changing background manipulation is probably something I will use the most in the future so I wanted to practice this tool further. I decided to use paintings in my foreground so I could practice incorporating their shadows and make their position against the new background look somewhat more natural.